malick sidibé

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André Magnin

A group of youngsters gathering outside of a club; Saturday night fever in Bamako/Mali; Couples performing the Mali twist in a disco, wild combinations of traditional African clothing and shiny western shirts lit by the stroboscope of a late night party, and the beauty of having fun, drinking, dancing to the music – the nightlife of 30 years ago in the city of famous photographer Seydou Keita, captured in this book by his « younger brother », photographer Malick Sidibe. Sidibe’s genre pictures, group portraits, images of couples in love, of sexy young men and women express pure joy of life. They are fun to look at, examples for anybody interested in fashion and style, and of the life of a hybrid society, oscillating between traditional tribal life and urban survival in the West African city of Bamako. After the success of Seydou Keita, Malick Sidibe extends the history of African photography, his party and club pictures revealing how different from the stereotype Africa can be!

256 pages, 25.5×30.5cm, hardcover

Published by Scalo
January 1999